Fukushima prefecture Koriyama shi Nishida town “deco house” with 300 years tradition of “traditional hito” with the face of the face, brothers in training to become “fool” day by day!

That’s “Hyottoko” Brotherz

What is “Hyottoko”?

For those who can not afford to suffer in pain, such as the pain in life, finally laughing from the depths of heart “laughing”, to eliminate from suffering, existence of God in the depths of human heart, deco mansion 17 Hiroshi Hashimoto, a well-known master of dance and dance, says. You have to empty your whole heart in order to become “a bit of”.

Hiroji Hashimoto’s story

Um, It was not my idea.
My gran dad and my dad also did.
This is also the job, too.

Why it was born?
In the human mind,like
suffering, sadness etc
If you think yourself who can not help
In the end, just laugh
You laugh from your heart.
I thought that it is best to laugh

“Hyottoko” is said to be the most “stupid”
Humans want to be clever
We are willing become on top,
I think there is not much on the top
“Hyottoko” says becoming the most stupid,
If somebody says, ” you’re stupid!”
And I say “Thank you””

I wonder say, I’m happy.
I feel like something inspirit me when I become free.
to be the bottom
If we become at the bottom line and live,
the anxiety wear off.
I feel like was told.
This “Seven Lucky God Dancing”

When I become “Hyottoko” well..
My shyness fly away …
This is amazing
Wearing a musk
I can change myself, what I am
Something you ought to have something you can overcome yourself
I mean turning over,
It does not mean to stand on your head
It’s important that you turn over your mind,Then there is neither above nor below
You can fall down freely, do not you think?
So, to the words Daruma says,
Always rising after a fall
“Seven Random Eight Holdings”
However, in words, it is “Seven times fall down,and eight times get up, thought
In fact it fell to fall down once
Fall twice , fall three times
four times
With seven turns
After seven times falling down,you can find only one important thing.
“Always rising after a fall”
Notice one thing for the first time after seven falls
That’s why people must be fail.
I think falling means somebody’s bad side,
Somthings will not go well
We overcome by doing very hard
People notice with mistake.
Even if you only have to defend your children
Just watch over the children.
Well, it does not seem to get hurt
Wait for they to fall not get hurt, and fall down
Knowing the pain by themselves
They learn from mistake, and then they are careful next time.
It is important.
So, I think it would be better to fall down
Learning by falling down
So, as soon as it is gone
If anything else disappear
I do not notice the real thing
A guy living by her idea halfway,
I do not notice anything

There is no way I can think about it again.
When I became to have no more to die
Wahaha ー ー
Harness will come at last

Hiroji’s story